Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Clare Bowen is talented and she has sexy eyes!



I am such a sucker for a woman who can sing; and boy can Clare Bowen Sing!


Clare and Neil! 

Did I mention she can sing?

I particularly enjoy this song! What a lovely voice:)

Clare Bowen's sultry version of "If I didn't Know Better"!

From the cmt nashville show you will find great talent and clare bowen and her amazing singing voice. With a unique sound that will keep you and your boyfriend glued to the tube it will not disappoint. Check out the Nashville TV show music. It is always top notch and geared for the audience. nashville is a great place to check out the details on what is new.You can also find Nashville full episodes here and the tv show schedule.

from abc music to the latest episodes you can get it all here. The cast is full of great voices and beautiful actresses. You will find yourself singing along with every music video. There are many cute tunes and throw back sounds that even the steadfast traditionalist will find enjoyable. 

Just don't forget your country roots. But there was no chance of that happening anyway! Take a couple of guitars a microphone and some soulful harmonies and you have an amazing recipe. Just remember that you will create some great recordings and there is no reason not to sing along. 

So grab your cowboy and cowgirl boots. Get your Stetson Hat and remember the spurs are optional:) Just don't forget to set your DVR to record the latest Nashville episode because you won't want to miss a single song from Clare Bowen. From the solo songs to the duets, every note is pitch perfect and will leave even the hardest heart wanting more. Whether you are from Tennessee, New York, Los Angelos, Chicago, or Texas you will be a fan of this great CMT TV show. 

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that the bikini shots continue and that the cast of this great show doesn't move on. Thanks to the production crew, director, and audience we likely have nothing to worry about!  

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